The doctor will hear you now.

Your first appointment with Dr. Tais will include a comprehensive medical history and in-depth discussion about all your health concerns. We want it to be the most enlightening appointment you've ever had.

What Patients Are Saying

  • "I just saw Dr. Tais for the first time yesterday, and she was beyond wonderful. She will be my PCP moving forward. This was the first time that I truly felt heard, listened to, and cared for with regard to my health and complicated thyroid issues. She sat with me for about 35 minutes just talking...asking questions...listening."

  • "Dr. Tais is right on target with finding and correcting the root of the problem. She is the first doctor to ask me about my mental and emotional health post partum and my son is almost 18 months old. I had just assumed the way I was feeling was normal but she had suggestions on how to improve things."

  • "I loved my experience with Dr. Tais! She was very patient with me, answered all my questions, and helped me manage my thyroid issues. I’ve never felt better! I’ll recommend her to all my friends and family!"

  • "My initial consultation with Dr. Tais was very informative. She explained things in a clear and concise manner, and made a complicated issue easy to understand by giving me a step-by-step outline of the 5 major factors that need to work optimally for couples to conceive."

  • "My daughter loves her appointments with Dr. Tais! After so many appointments where my daughter left crying after visits with her pediatrician, I decided to try an alternative option to help my daughter be less fearful... Dr. Tais does an amazing job making my daughter's appointments less anxiety provoking."

  • "Love her!!! Very patient. Naturally gifted in her practice and feels like talking to a best friend. Always prayed for that in a Dr. Thanks for all you do Dr. Tais."

  • "I have seen Dr. Tais twice now & I am really thankful to have found her! She is helping me with my thyroid related problems. She really cares & responds quickly when I have questions. She is awesome."